February is Black History Month in Canada and the US, and I’ve got a freebie for you English and/or Social Studies teachers!

Have you ever heard of The Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes? I’ll be honest with you, I had never heard of them until this year. The CHL was an all-Black hockey league that was founded in 1895. They are credited with developing two hockey moves that even I know about (and I do not follow hockey at all): the slapshot and the knee-drop goalies do to stop an incoming puck.

The CHL was a huge hit in Nova Scotia, but they’re virtually non-existent in our history books. What caused their untimely demise? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t a lack of skill or passion. If you’re looking for Black History Month activities, be sure to download this free article!

In addition to the article, I’ve shared some links to related videos and books. I’ve also included a page of social studies questions that ask students to explain how racism impacted the team, sequence events, and analyse cause and effect.

And remember, if February and Black History Month have already come and gone, don’t stop teaching Black History! Black history is Canadian history. It belongs in our curriculum all year long.

Black History Month freebie