Clear the Lists Canada - Helping Canadian teachers support their students

#ClearTheListCanada - helping Canadian teachers support their students

When I walked into my first classroom, I was greeted with chairs, desks, empty shelves, and a whiteboard. Building  a classroom library and collecting other materials my students needed for stations and hands-on learning was up to me. 

Canadian teacher spend hundreds of dollars (or more) each year to make sure their students have what they need to learn. Please consider sharing the love by purchasing an item or two off one of these teacher’s classroom wish lists.

Thank you for your help!

Hey teachers! I’ve given teachers the options to share their teachergram accounts. If you want to connect with some more Canadian educators, check these ones out!

Elementary (Kindergarten-Grade 5) and Preschool Classrooms

Larissa’s (@InquiringIntermediates) Grade 5 Classroom Wishlist

Jessica’s (@Ohrizzle) Grade 5 Classroom Wishlist

Deena’s (@MsGlorysClassroom) Grade 3 Classroom Wishlist

Kimberly’s Grade 2 Classroom Wishlist

Ricki’s Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Kimmy’s (@KimmyBasra) Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Vivian’s (@FocusedIn2nd) Kindergarten Prep Classroom Wishlist

Devan’s Elementary Classroom Wishlist

Megan’s Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Sarah’s (@TeachingWithLoveAndJoy) Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Brittany’s (@TheKindieTeam) Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Amanda’s (@ThatNorthernTeacher) K-6 Classroom Wishlist

Meagan’s (@MNoronha21) Kindergarten French Immersion Classroom Wishlist 

Daniela’s Grade 5 Classroom Wishlist

Amanda’s Grade 5 Classroom Wishlist

Lisa’s Grade 4 Classroom Wishlist

Nicole’s Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Sally’s Grade 8 Classroom Wishlist

Jen’s Grade 2 Classroom Wishlist

Jamie’s (@Mrs_Hagen) Kindergarten/Grade 1 Classroom Wishlist

Meghan’s Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Brittany’s (@ElementaryWithB)’s Grade 2/3 Classroom Wishlist

Rebecca’s Grade 4 Classroom Wishlist

Caitlin’s (@MsIvanyshyn) Senior Kindergarten/1 Classroom Wishlist

Amanda’s Grade 5 Classroom Wishlist

Zara’s (@_InspiringGrowingMinds) Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Amanda’s Grade 5-6 Classroom Wishlist

Kristen’s Kindergarten – Grade 5 Physical Education Classroom Wishlist

Leah’s Grade 4-5 Classroom Wishlist

Alli’s Grade 3 Classroom Wishlist

Katelyn’s (@ZandersFunFactory) Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Monique’s Grade 1-2 French Immersion Classroom Wishlist

Sabine’s (@TeacherMaison) Grade 5 Classroom Wishlist

Vicky’s Grade 1 Classroom Wishlist

Jayme’s (@PrimaryJuniorPassions) Grade 3 Classroom Wishlist

Elisa’s Grade 3/4 Classroom Wishlist

Lacretia’s Grade 1 Classroom Wishlist

Cynthia’s Grade 1 Classroom Wishlist

Bianca’s (Mrs.Bianca1997) Grade 4 French Homeroom Classroom Wishlist

Jennyfer’s (@MmeJLeung) Grade 1 French Immersion Classroom Wishlist

Renee’s (@RenMadeThis) Grade 5 Classroom Wishlist

Emma’s Grade 2 Classroom Wishlist

Sarah’s (@Mrs.G.In.3.) Grade 3 Classroom Wishlist

Robin’s Grade 5 Classroom Wishlist

Krystal’s (@MsMalleyTeach) Grade  1-3 Classroom Wishlist

Christina (@PencilsAndParagraphs) Grade 4 Classroom Wishlist

Jasmine’s (@FirstGradeFrenchies) Grade 2 French Immersion Classroom Wishlist

Jia’s (@Keeping_Up_With_Ms_K) Kindergarten – Grade 6 Classroom Wishlist

Julie’s Grade 4 Classroom Wishlist

Kathryn’s (@MmeKathryn) Grade 1 French Immersion Classroom Wishlist

Hilary’s (@Mrs.Verberne) Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Erin’s Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Jaclyn’s (@Kinder.Is.Life) Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Alexa’s Kindergarten/Grade 1 Classroom Wishlist

Tanya’s Kindergarten to Grade 6 drama, health, and physical education Classroom Wishlist

Stacey’s Grade 1 Classroom Wishlist

Miranda’s (@MissLemLemons) Grade 4 Classroom Wishlist

Kelly’s (@TeaTeachSleepRepeat) Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Christina’s (@MsDInFourth) Grade 4 Classroom Wishlist

Annie’s Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist 

Jessica’s (@Ms.V.Teaches) Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Nicky’s (@ThreeLittleTeachers) Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Cara’s (@MrsJigginsRoom) Grade 5/6 Classroom Wishlist

Autumn’s Grade 5/6 Classroom Wishlist

Natasha’s Grade 1/2 Classroom Wishlist

Mrs. R’s (@Teaching.Primary_) Grade 2 Classroom Wishlist

Amanda’s Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Jaime’s (@ChillTeachingInTheWhack) Grade 5 Classroom Wishlist

Natalie’s Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Sommer’s (@MyKindieDream) Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Angela’s Grade 3 Classroom Wishlist

Christina’s Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Jessica’s Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Erin’s Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Sarah’s Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Selena’s Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Maureen’s (@WithMissFast) Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

 Terri’s (@TerrisTeachingTreasures) Grade 4/5 Classroom Wishlist

Ms. G’s (@HendersonHive) Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Chanel’s (@Toor_Teaching_Primary) Grade 1 Classroom Wishlist

Marta’s (@RaysClassroomLearning) Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Olivia’s (@TaylorTalksTeaching) Grade 4 Classroom Wishlist

Tania’s (@MrsCDemorales) Special Education/Primary Classroom Wishlist

Ellen’s Kindergarten Classroom Wishlist

Lauren’s Grade 2/3 French Immersion Classroom Wishlist

Karm’s (@KarmConnolly) Grade 3 Classroom Wishlist 

Michelle’s Grade 1/2 Classroom Wishlist

Stephanie’s Interactions classroom wishlist for students on the autism spectrum


Middle School Classrooms (Grades 6-8)

Rachel’s Grade 8 Classroom Wishlist

Natalie (@MiddlesMoveMountains) Grade 6-7 Classroom Wishlist

Sam’s (@Monkeys.Inthemiddle) Grade 7-9 Science & STEM Classroom Wishlist

Kelsey’s Grade 6/7 Classroom Wishlist

Amy’s (@NovelTeaHappyMe) Grade 6 Classroom Wishlist

Lindsay’s Grade 8 Classroom Wishlist

Andrea’s Grade 8 Classroom Wishlist

Amy’s (@EatDonutsAndTeach) Grade 6 Classroom Wishlist

Quinn’s (@HappinessInHighSchool) Grade 7 Classroom Wishlist

Beth’s Grade 7 Classroom Wishlist

Rena’s Grade 8 Classroom Wishlist

Agata’s (@AgataD) Grade 6 Classroom Wishlist

Zara’s Grade 7 French Immersion Classroom Wishlist

Vinnie’s Grade 6-8 History, Geography, and Art Classroom Wishlist 

Coleen’s Grade 6-9 Resource Classroom Wishlist 

Natalie’s Grade 7 Classroom Wishlist

Chanice’s (@Great_Lake_Education) Grade 7 Classroom Wishlist

Kim’s (@HarryPotterTeacher) Grade 6 Language and Social Studies Classroom Wishlist

Lucy’s Grade 7 Classroom Wishlist

Madison’s Grade 8 Classroom Wishlist

Melissa’s Grade 7 Classroom Wishlist

Whitney’s Grade 6 Classroom Wishlist

Emily’s (@EhmazingAdventures) Grade 6 Classroom Wishlist

Jasmine’s Grade 6 Classroom Wishlist

Cheryl’s (@Adventures_InThe_Classroom) Grade 7/8 Classroom Wishlist

Alyssa’s Grade 6 Classroom Wishlist

Chiana’s Grade 7 Classroom Wishlist

Laura’s Grade 7/8 Classroom Wishlist 

Kenzie’s Grade 7 Classroom Wishlist

High School Classrooms (Grades 9-12)

Teri’s Grade 4-12 ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies Classroom Wishlist 

Christian’s Science Classroom Wishlist 

Non-enrolling Classrooms

Alannah’s (@SimplyEducate) International Program & ESL Classroom Wishlist 

Sandra’s (@EducatingEinsteins) Substitute teaching Classroom Wishlist

Gina’s (@MusicPlusCoffee) Music Classroom Wishlist

Ally (@Bocheklist) Special Education and Life Skills Classroom Wishlist

Rachel’s (@LearnWithMsArmstrong) Special Education Classroom Wishlist