How to Use Math Menus in Fifth Grade

Text reads: A complete guide to math menus. Behind, math games and a math menu are scattered on a white background with counters, unifix cube, and dice.

Looking to use math menus or choice boards for math? Here are must-do and may-do math menu activities I offer in my fifth grade class. I’ll also explain how I structure my block and assess the work my students do when we use menus for math!

First Week of School Day Plans for Back-to-School

First week of school day plans for baclk-to-school

Planning as a First-Year Teacher I remember the first year I had my own classroom. I’d proudlyplanned out my first week early on in the summer (even before I had a job linedup) but once the school year began, it became evident that I had not plannedenough. Kids were consistently finishing activities way earlier than […]

6 Inference Activities for Elementary

Inference Activities for Elementary

Making inferences is such an important reading strategy, and it’s one that I find many of my students struggle with at the beginning of the year. In the upper elementary grades, we spend less time worrying about decoding and start to shift our focus to that deeper comprehension. That requires the ability to make inferences, and inferencing is a skill that needs to be taught!