First Week of School Day Plans for Back-to-School

First week of school day plans for baclk-to-school

Planning as a First-Year Teacher I remember the first year I had my own classroom. I’d proudlyplanned out my first week early on in the summer (even before I had a job linedup) but once the school year began, it became evident that I had not plannedenough. Kids were consistently finishing activities way earlier than […]

Life Groups in the Classroom: A Community-Building Routine

Life groups in the classroom a community-building routine

About three years ago, I moved to a new city. It wasn’t far from where I’d grown up, but a few months in I started feeling really lonely. My husband and I had left the church where we had gone for years and I wasn’t feeling connected in our new one. That changed overnight when we joined a Life Group, and I am so thankful!

How I Structured Online Class Meetings for My Fifth Grade Class

How I structured online meetings for my fifth-grade class

When we transitioned rather abruptly to online school last Spring, I wanted to make sure that I kept my students connected with one another in our new virtual classroom. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that, but I knew two things right away:
1) I was NOT going to teach in my meetings.
2) My class meetings needed to be about connection and shared experiences.

Online Games for Class Meetings in Upper Elementary

Games for online class meetings in upper-elementary

When I was teaching online last year, I tried to make our class meetings about connection and shared experiences. Games were an important part of that! I wanted to share some of the games played in our class meetings so you can get in on the fun too!